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She blew me off on my first date. I lost 80 zloty for a beautiful necklace to an idiot.

Hi, I'm 16. I'm not handsome, ugly, average at most. Some time ago I met a girl online, pretty, smart, she wasn't like most teenagers in those days. She was pretty and cool, she told me she never had a boyfriend, I never had a girlfriend either so we understood each other. We were sending each other our pictures and you know that you look better in the pictures than in reality, so I liked it then. After some time of writing we became a couple, everything was fine. We had 210 km to each other, a bit much, but I wanted to come to her. I had to beg and lick my daddy's ass to take me there because he wouldn't let me, after so many days of begging he agreed with the embarrassment on his face, and I had to pay for fuel with my money. The day has come, my first date with a girl in my life. I got as ready as I could, and I bought her a necklace with a heart. I went when I saw her, I went up to her. She was just looking at me when I came up, I wanted to hug her, but she pushed me away. I asked her what was going on, and she: "Sorry, but it's not gonna happen, you're not my type." She told me that I looked better in the pictures than in real life and I'm ugly, so it's not going to happen. I just said "aha" and I left. The story ended so that I had to call my dad to come back for me and he was already 50 km away from me, because I was supposed to spend the night at that girl's place, I had to pay almost 200 zloty for the fuel, a horseradish from my dad, 80 zloty for a necklace for her and with a worsened depression and self-esteem, because I'll never find a girl by my appearance.


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