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The shotgun hour

I'll tell you how my boyfriend got last and why he'll never forget it.We were at my house, together with my mom and grandmother. We were sitting in my room, upstairs. I wanted to warm up the atmosphere a bit. Although there was a risk that someone would cover us, I decided to give my boyfriend an ice cream. Everything was perfect until Grandma started calling me. - Laura! Laura! Laura!- Yes, Grandma?!-I yelled, taking his penis in my hand. Come on, quick, I need your help! -Okay, ba....I didn't finish because, to my surprise, my beloved's sperm attacked me. As it turned out, it held up for a long time, so it was a reallypowerful shot. -I didas he asked, there was a lot of sperm and I didn't manage to swallow it when I heard mommy at my door.-Lauro, come downstairs to help grandma. -I almost felt her hand on the handle.-Already i-i-ide - I answered by choking on spermSoI wipedmy mouth with my hand, left my half-naked boyfriend, fixed my clothes and ran to Grandma.As it turned out, she didn't have glasses, but she wanted to check what time it was. Don't even ask why she didn't ask her mother, because I'd like to know that myself.


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