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Almost flawless

People like her should be quickly eliminated from the circle of friends... why? Because she's toxic to humans and destroys friendships. Every year she has to get rid of a friend for no reason because she doesn't like the competition by inventing strange things that spoilher friend'sopinionInconnection with the intense weight loss, her brain's usable area has shrunk in proportion to the weight loss, resulting in terrible behaviorandemotionalunbalanceBettinglytrying to spoil the holiday for a group of friends because it was at that point that she was not willing to go Continuouslyinterferes in the personal life of her friendsShe organizes meetings with a selected group of friends, leaving aside other friends, in order to make everyone feel at ease...but for the time being without any effect The formerboyfriend of her close friend is now her best friend and she doesn't mind this sick situationGiveshorns to her husband who works abroad because he has to prove to himself that if it's fit she's allowed it all and while walking in the park she forgot that her friends can see herHer husbandis just tocomment on something she has no idea She becameunbearable...but well lifeThis time I've decided toeliminate her from my friends...because she can't be my friend someone who's a friend of my enemies brrrrrrrr


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