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Degenerate children

Let's start with the fact that I'm a teenager myself, but I've always respected animals. There's a puppy walking around the neighborhood where I live. When I go out with my dog, I take food, bowl, water and treats for him, and I take out his ticks and play with him. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of children in my housing estate, aged 6-10 years, who simply don't understand that animals also have feelings, and the dog who wants to play with them and wouldn't hurt even the flies just kill, first show him an open hand, and when he comes up to take a "treat" 10-15 children come and start to kill him, beat him, kick him, spit on the animal, lately they even broke his little leg. Often the children run away before I can get there. But today, when I came back from the shop, I saw that, as usual, the dog is being tortured, so I run to the children I repel them all I scream for leaving the poor dog, because the leg is still in the armband after the breakdown, and the children started to laugh at me, curse and spit under my feet. Children aged 6-10 years and they know curses that an adult wouldn't be ashamed, and they have no respect for the elderly or for animals. The worst thing is that I don't know what to do in this situation, going to their parents ends up with the words "it's only children who let them play" and closing the door in front of their noses, there is no shelter in my city and calling the city guard or the police is the last resort I'd rather not use, I can't stop the dog because my mother doesn't allow it. I'm sorry for my mistakes , but I'm not the best at spelling.


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