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That's not cool at all

I'm a young teenager. I went through many bad moments in my life, e.g. 2 moves, death of my grandmother who wanted to poison my dog, death of my sister's fianc... I've had some of that. Let me tell you about one of those bad moments. That's rejection by your peers. I read a confession of a girl who hadn't kissed yet (me too), a boy who felt nothing when he almost killed a homeless gullet who wanted to rape a girl (if I was with you, I would still kill her :))) at 16 - a year old, whose sister placed a video from the shower on the Internet. I read a lot. Because I just like to read. Why? Here's the problem. As I said, I was rejected by my peers because I seemed 'different' to them. I started out in books. Then there was the move, the new school was much better. I still read, it's a lot. I can read 500 pages of a book in small print in a week, if I try. Sometimes I've heard 'nobody asked your opinion, you just read books. When I went to camps, I thought I found new friends. After the first camp, the girls set up a camp group on fb. I didn't write for a long time, because I just didn't go online. And when I went in for the first and last time, someone wrote - and the new one wrote to you? - No, she's kind of weird. I just don't like removing them? Because she'll still see what we're writing here.' I hated all the names they've written. I've removed the conversation. They didn't know that before you remove someone from the group they'd read the conversation anyway. Next camp. It was very cool. I thought I had new cool friends, too. How stupid I am. One friend was bugging me with some fictional guy claiming to be one of them's uncle. I already showed it to my parents. The police were involved, a friend of my mom's worked in a crime scene and took care of it. A fictional guy wanted to set me up with one of the there was a suspicion he was a paedophile. They reached out to that girl, and it was a mess.I was disappointed again. Now another friend wrote to me. He wanted to go out with me, I thought, 'Why not? He's just my friend. Then he wrote that someone broke into his account and wrote this. I knew that wasn't true. He wrote a lot of unpleasant things - generally the KOLLY HERIT. Everyone is laughing at me now, I'm probably too gullible and I start trustingpeopletoo quickly. Eh. Now, to all the teenagers who read Confessions, think before you do anyone's hey or any other kind of nasty thing. It just seems so funny. And if you get a message like that sometimes, report it, because it might not be heyt. And to those who haven't realized yet why they kidnap the kids - they not only rape them, they also cut them up alive and sell their body parts for trade. Think sometimes. Hang up those phones, shut up. Today I have the last pool - I wrote about Santa Claus, and the other guys. About what they did to me. Living my happiness.


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