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Christmas Eve

I'm sitting alone, in a foreign country. Among all the people in the park, I chose loneliness.No invitations, no conversation, that's better.I drink and jaram, I want to get drunk. I'm waiting for a joke.I want to stop feeling my age, to feel that I exist.I want to stop feeling what I feel for her,I just want her,the one I care about the most.Every next sip of whiskey falsely masks the pain she feels,another sip of false happiness mixed with a hint of natural happiness released from her lungs.I wanted to be with her.I could be in my homeland... But I didn't know if it was worth it.But I know that I love her.Loneliness and unrequited love on Christmas Eve, they liquefy in the corner of the eyes, and after a while they float down the cheek, so that pain, sadness, loneliness takes on a material form, in the form of a tear...To all those who spend Christmas Eve alone.Merry Christmas whateveryone wants.Holland


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