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Karma or some weak joke?

I've been with a woman my age for a very long time, we're both now 23 years old, and something's totally messed up. I don't know if it's a weak world joke or karma comes back, but listen to this. About 2.5 years we lived together abroad and we loved each other very much despite the quarrels and turmoil, and it came to the moment when we parted mainly because of me, I was sometimes really terrible and I didn't think that some things could hurt her and yet... It's been a while and we started talking to my princess again and we got back together... Finally I really wanted to rebuild everything and I gave it 101% .... One weekend there was a moment to go to a party together, it looked like there was a friend from work I was supposedly staring at even though I was looking at the rest of the group ... Of course, it was a fool of my treasure. We came home and it was all right if it wasn't for the fact that the next day this friend from work wrote to me. You know, there was a normal "party part" conversation until we came in about my woman... why she was so offended and what was the point ... This colleague knew, of course, that we had just got back together and I said, "We'll see how it goes on" ... Do you know what's the worst part of this simple collegial conversation? The fact that this friend has a jealous, morbidly sickly husband, who has a little bit of affection for us... Of course we met in four and there was a row... my princess said there was nothing but of course she had to break up with me not because I betrayed her or something because nothing like that happened... She just said she couldn't trust me because of such a thing and she won't forgive me for putting her in such a situation... Everybody makes mistakes in life, but to get something like that through the prism of it? Even though I gave it all I couldn't get it back (this is something for laughs... finishing the story). Dear couples too, even though you're arguing...sometimes it's worth to trust the other half and fight on, especially if someone has changed his life like I did especially for this woman. Unfortunately, she didn't appreciate it, because it was probably too much behind us, even though we both love each other the most in the world... And as for you, dear Dominika, when I write about you, I am confused, I don't know if this is despair and a request for a chance or goodbye anyway, I love you and I miss you very much... yours forever :(


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