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A friend of mine is giving me a problem with the police

When my friend invited me to go out on cards, she added that her friend would be with us - let's call her Anonka. We drove for a while until we finally got to Lidl. We wanted to buy something sweet and water. Walking down the alleys, I saw that there was a small chocolate coin lying on the candy bars, probably most of you associate. My first thought about it was, "Why don't I put it away?" Then Anonka quickly took this coin from my hands and put it slowly into her pocket. I asked "What are you doing?" but she said no one would catch it. Later, walking on, this time next to a stand with buns, bread, etc., I found another, the same chocolate. I took it in my hand, but soon afterwards Anonka persuaded me that nothing would happen, she embraced my hand and put it in my purse together with a coin. Then we took some candy bars and water and went to the cash register. After I paid, a bodyguard called me - I was very scared. It turned out that the camera recorded the moment when I picked up the first coin, but nobody saw how Anonka took it away from me. They ordered me to empty my purse and of course the chocolate was there. Later the security guards started to talk that she was still "surprised" at the recording. What else. Of course, it ended up in a police call. A terrible shame. They clung to it, and they didn't even search my "friends", even though they were on the recording. They let them out as if nothing had happened, although I know,


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