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Parody not slimming

I'm 8 kg overweight. Probably even more now, because I haven't weighed in a long time. I tried to go on a diet a lot of times, but it didn't work out. About four days ago, it finally worked. But I could have called it more like a hunger strike. Of course, I know that you need exercise to lose weight. The problem is that they won't let me in the gym because I'm too young, there's no place in my house, I'm ashamed of swimming in the pool because I look just funny then and the weather doesn't allow me to run. Besides, I have something with my joints in my knee, that's why a lot of exercises aren't done. Back to the diet, I almost don't like anything, my daily meal is banana cakes with blueberries for breakfast and a ham sandwich for dinner. In the meantime, a few glasses of water. How to live here, especially since there are sweets everywhere in the house and my sister eats fries all the time.


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