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Vaccines cause disease, my mom has five kids, so she knows...

Hey. My name is Catherine and I'm an unvaccinated child. I've lived with it for almost fourteen years and I'll tell you my story. I have four siblings. My older brother and sister had a hard time getting vaccinated, and as a result of complications, my brother went to hospital. But my mother's measure was changed when the next brother... autism. Yes. Autism. This disease, which is explained by vaccinating children. After my brother, I was born. As you read, I'm alive, I'm almost fourteen years old and I've never had this whole measles. I am the first but also not the last unvaccinated child in our family, because my younger sister has not been vaccinated either, and somehow she is holding on. As you can see, my mother is not a pompous lunatic who read stupidity on the Internet, but based her knowledge on her own experience. And that's it. I hope I've convinced you that in this one, the vaccines actually do more harm than help.


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