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Worst day history

I met a great girl once. During primary school. We were shooting a little but children like that didn't know what real love means. It's been a few months and contact has broken off. After a few years of not keeping in touch we met by chance when I decided to go play volleyball with my friends. Just when I entered the hall it entered, nothing changed the beauty as always. I remember that when I saw her I couldn't concentrate on the game later. A few days later she wrote to me asking if I would still go play . And it happened. We started writing to each other and meeting. Moments later we stayed together. Two days ago it was 4 months since we were together. A day later, something happened that I never wanted. I was nervous and I wanted to break up with her. I went to her to get my things. When I arrived, she didn't leave but her sister gave me what was mine and said she would take the rest. Without thinking, I went inside looking for my girlfriend. I found her on the stairs very sad I hugged her and she cried. I didn't want to leave her, I wrote too much under the influence of emotions, but I knew that she already has enough to bear with me. I sat with her for almost an hour she kept crying and I comforted her by saying I wouldn't leave her but if she wanted to leave. she told me to give her time until tomorrow. I apologized to her all day long writing that I didn't want to and won't leave her. The next day I couldn't stand it, I was nervous that she would leave me because of my stupidity. When she came to me she said hello and sat down next to me. When I asked her if she wanted to leave me or not, she looked me in the eye and said she wouldn't break off and give me a chance, I had my first tears because of my stupid behaviour I almost lost someone I really love. That's why she wants to prove that true love will survive every quarrel, every weaker day. I love her the world and thank her that she's with me and that she hasn't lost faith that it can be good. Remember people have to fight for those we love. Thank you for everything you've done for me, honey, that you've forgiven me and given me a chance. I love you very much and I will fight for you ALWAYS!


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