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All through the tape.

A few days ago we had an art lesson. We were doing a pretty dirty job so my pencil was a little bit hurt. I decided to save it somehow because I still had to write it in a book. Holding it in his hands, he left all possible substances that were used for plastic work. In the next lesson we had a moment to ourselves so I proudly sat down on the bench and started to renew the pencil to make it still usable. I decided to tape it to seal the dirty parts. As we know, taping is not very quiet. The teacher came out from behind the computer and looked at me with a harsh eye and said that my behaviour was shitty and that I was wasting my parents' hard earned money. I tried to explain to the teacher that the tape is not expensive. However, she said that I shouldn't take her opinion away and said that my parents shouldn't buy me a new tape because my behaviour is criminal. Until the end of the lesson I tried to stop laughing. She also said that I could use a short economics lesson. It was difficult for me to refuse.


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