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I love two men.

I want to tell you my story... A few years ago I was with a boy... It wasn't a very long relationship, but it was my first man and I went to bed with him for the first time... It was a fairy tale to me. I loved him terribly much... But when something started to go wrong, I lied to him... He lost confidence in me, and our paths went apart, which wasn't a strange thing... I couldn't be happy for a long time... And I don't know if I've been able to... Even though I'm with a man of six and we have a child... I love him, I can't say no, but... I keep thinking about my first partner... We've had a few episodes of meetings, but Noah didn't get anywhere between us... I feel as if my love has never expired... I still want him, I dream about him... In my dreams, there is a sight of our hot exaltation. I don't know what to do with all this... I love my guy. I'm fine with him. We have a wonderful baby. And yet... My old partner is still in our relationship... Not so real... Just in my mind...


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