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I opened my eyes

I moved from a small village to a big city with a boyfriend I had been with since high school, we found a job in the same company and lived modestly but together. Maybe we didn't have any money, but we had ourselves, our love and big plans - to make money, to go back to the village and build a beautiful house with big windows. Of course this did not happen because I met Arthur, an athletic, handsome man with class, as I thought then. I parted with my boyfriend and started a "new life". Corporate work, parties, drugs, alcohol, in the meantime I had a fight with my parents, moved in with a new guy and lived in affluence. In the beginning, Arthur was a wonderful guy until he was sober, often the parties ended up with insults and bruises, but so that you can see it. Two years ago I had a car accident, came back from work, lost control of the car, hit a tree. I was kept in a drug coma for two weeks, then treatment, rehabilitation and I could go back to "my life", which was not really mine. I wanted a cottage in the countryside, peace and love, and I had a flat in the city, beatings and insults. I went back to the countryside to my parents, whom I apologized for everything. I work in a family business, I see my ex-boyfriend who has a beautiful little house with big windows, a lovely fiance and a child on the way. Appreciate what you have, because you never know when you can lose it.


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