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Today would be 9 months

By the time I write this, there would be already 9 months - 277 of the most beautiful days in my life. You decided it would be better for us, that we don't fit together, that we have two different visions of the world, and that I will find the one that is better. Fact, it hasn't been good for our last few days. I wanted to fix everything, because you were the most important thing to me. I wanted to spend every free day with you so that you could hug me again whenever you wanted so that I could hold you by the thigh while I was driving. I wanted to give you flowers so that you could feel adored without any opportunity. I wanted to get kisses from you in the least expected moments. I wanted to keep on watching M like Love with you in the evenings while eating your favorite "windows". I wanted to fall asleep and wake up with you, look into your eyes from the very morning. Now that it's over, I can't deal with anything. Although I have something to do in my life, I've lost any sense in it. I don't get excited about any parties, meetings with my friends, or even my trips. I don't feel like talking to anyone, I think I've become antisocial. Life doesn't give me any joy. I never wanted to control or limit you, I never had bad thoughts about you, I trusted you infinitely. Our relationship was a priority, I wanted to spend every free moment with you. It's been a while, and I still can't forget about you. There's no time when I wouldn't think about you. You visit me in every dream. I look at our pictures every day and remember moments together. I often read our initial conversations so that I can smile a little. At any time, I sense the absence of your presence. For me, you're the one, the best. You'll always be the one, no one can replace you. I miss you so much...


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