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My girlfriend thinks it's not cheating. I think it's a betrayal. Who's right?

I have a conflict with my long-time girlfriend after she confessed to me, which she does regularly. She said she couldn't keep it a secret anymore, but she only confessed to me when one of her friends persuaded her to do so, because allegedly it might bother me and she should ask my opinion. Well, the point is that she often goes out with her friends, I don't control her, she doesn't control me either, because until now we trusted each other. and on these trips, especially in clubs, he notoriously meets some guys. She picks out some, then they buy her drinks all night. She said she doesn't go to anything, or dance with them, but that she didn't even kiss. Every friend of hers confirmed that it's just a little bit of fun, that for fun. She says it's out of boredom - she wants to feel appreciated because she's been with me for so many years, and because I get the attraction of rich guys she feels sexy again. She says it's just such a stupid way to spend time, but I'm not. Oh, for pity's sake, she's got me, the guy she's been sleeping with for 8 years in the same bed and letting some guys have their fun? For a drink, two? He doesn't really cheat on me, but I can't stop thinking about it. It's a slut for me. Do I have a reason to be picky, or am I exaggerating?


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