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Double treason

The story took place a few years ago. I had a great friend, we went to parties, beer, etc. At that time he had a girlfriend, but he didn't mind kissing me for the first time. That's how it all started, I fell in love with him (at least I thought so). Time passed and we met more and more often. After some time we made love for the first time, I lost my virginity with him. I could not imagine life without him anymore. But the idyll ended very quickly. After a week I found out that he banged my sister and they became a couple. Of course Kasia knew what was between me and Jarek. Yes, I was betrayed by a guy but also by my sister. There's nothing worse than living with a traitor in one place. He came to the house, but not to me anymore, he behaved as if nothing had happened. I felt like a regular rag. Kasia and Jarek parted after a year of "union". After a few years I look at it from a different perspective. I have the greatest husband on earth, a wonderful family. And Kasia? She's with some idiot. They barely make ends meet. I don't wish my sister badly, but actually, karma returns.


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