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My mother avoids my sight after seeing what I do with the boy in my room

Recently my boyfriend came to me and as usual we went to my room, lay down next to each other and leaned our heads against the wall (we didn't touch each other or any of these things). Then my dad came into the room with a grudge that he was sitting on the bed and not lying down. In that situation I started to wonder if I was living in a convent. Some time later, my mother told me that we were going to my grandparents', and that I couldn't stay home alone. I'm fucking sorry, was I lying undressed on my boyfriend and fucking with him? I'm begging you, it's not normal, especially since it's not a random street boy but a person I've been with for a year! I understand they're trying to protect me and all that, but to get a good look at something like that?! Can't I sit next to him? Am I the one who's weird or are my parents abnormal?


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