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I thought it was a classic betrayal

My husband's been going out more recently. Later he would come back from work, and when I asked him why he wasn't there or where he was leaving, he replied that it doesn't matter, I'll soon find out, and similar excuses. At the beginning I said that maybe he was preparing something for me or something was keeping him at work for a longer time, but Kuba would leave ZBYT often. I told myself that there was certainly a logical explanation for this, but it couldn't be deceived for long. I started to suspect him of treason. I didn't tell him this straightforwardly, but deep down I felt that this could be it. Women feel such things. It's all clear today. It wasn't treason. I didn't mention it, but our other child is already on the way. Kuba bought us an apartment. Every time he left, it was to renovate it. When I found out about it, there were tears in my eyes - but the ones I was moved by. I told him what stupid thoughts I had, and he answered: "I'm sorry you had to wonder, but remember that I love you and I will always love you." I will never forget these words. Just like my daughter Lena's reaction to the new room.


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