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The sick satisfaction of betrayal

I've been seeing a man 20 years older for 3 years. We claimed it was true love and we lived like a fairy tale, but we didn't care about anything else, we wanted to be together until his wife found out about us. In one moment everything collapsed. His wife says I'm a whore and he's a pedophile. It's been a year since the case came out and we still meet generally only after sex although he still says he will always love me and I love him too. I feel it's love that's why I can't give up on this sick relationship I'm only comforted by the fact that his wife who's still texting me with a bumper as he's not trying and he's a loving husband laughing because her husband's still fucking on the side. And I've got the fucking satisfaction that I'm the one who's the top. Even though it destroys me from the inside every day.


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