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I cook dumpling stuffing all day long, I've had enough, my mother takes the money for it and doesn't give me a penny.

I'm 14 years old. My mom gets every job she's got... Her new job is cooking stuffing, mostly to the Russians. She has to cook a few big bowls of potatoes and a couple of onion pots a day. The problem is that I do her work more than she does herself. She's already of age and I'm sorry to see her getting tired, so I try to help her. In the morning I pick up the goods, peel the onions, clean them and ring the potatoes. I wash bowls, watch over potatoes and onions, fly like a cat with a bladder, so that something doesn't get out, then I squeeze about 3 m of potatoes through a press that keeps breaking down. On the first night I couldn't sleep, because my muscles and hands were keeping me up. And the repetition - the potatoes to the pot, in the meantime, I mix those with my hands to cool down as soon as possible. I go to wash more bowls and pots. After washing, I quickly stir the onions so that they don't burn. Same thing over and over again. I still slide it in and follow her instructions. And Mom? She's lying because her arms or legs hurt. The best thing is that after work (about 7 hours) I have to clean the whole house and place of work, and additionally cook something for dinner for the rest of the family. I haven't left home for 2 weeks, so I lost contact with my friends. And whenever I want to rest, everyone says that I didn't do anything anyway and I get further orders, because nothing can hurt me. Oh, and I'll add that I don't get any money or gratitude because "it's my duty to help".


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