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Me and Mother

I'll tell you my sad story. When I was 17, I lived alone with my mother, she worked in such a way that there was never any money for anything. For bills, shopping, etc... My mother used to move new guys home every now and then, and she wanted me to go out for the night, but I just didn't have anywhere... So I started earning my body to pay off all the trafo back in a few months... When I was 18, my mother kicked me out of the house and I stayed with my grandmother. My mother left me a lot of debts, a laptop at the pawn shop, a camera, gold rings, chains. I just happened to pay off the loan and pick up the laptop. Today I'm 20 years old, I'm staying at my grandmother's because my mother left for Szczytno for another guy... I have a wonderful man who I love very much and knows what my past is. He loves me despite what I've done, I'm ashamed of it.


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