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And how about being a fairy, sir?

Hello, hon. I've been going back from school lately with a friend who's been drinking on the fortune-teller, tarot cards and other things. Although her new passion lasted for about 4 hours, but what the hell, she decided she had to buy this tarot as soon as possible, only she didn't really know where. And we were passing by Tesco and she persuaded me to check if they were there. Actually, I knew they weren't there, but I thought maybe I could buy some chips, which my mother would never take. So we go into this shop and look for it, but as you can guess, there were no cards. We're hanging around like idiots, and the idea came up that maybe we should ask the employees. In theory, it's simple, but it would be a bit stupid. We still decide to make this disgraceful move, because they probably won't remember our faces anyway. So Karol (my friend) walks up to her grandmother and asks if there are any tarot cards, and the other one HAS NOT AGAINST:- NO ANTI-BOSSIC Cards, SATANISKI! SHITHEADS TO GET YOU TO LEARN, NOT SOME SATANIC RITES THEY'LL BE DOING! We're standing there, eyes on the exophthalmos, half the shop is looking at us. While the woman is shouting to us to pray better, for God's forgiveness, some other serviceman runs up to her and asks her to this staff room while she continues to murder us with her eyes. I haven't seen her in Tesco since. And Charles found these cards, only that after 5 days in Empik, and that exceeded her annual budget. And how to be a fairy in Poland.


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