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god history

I once came in here out of boredom and the following conclusions come to mind. Looking at the way I'm writing, it's either the 8-year-old or the old man who writes the stories. I feel intellectually raped after reading these stories. And that the readers are so excited and believe in everything here ;) ?Today I had some gems, e.g. I'm studying law...dancing dancehall...this law student probably watched too many movies, because her language was like from a gutter, it didn't resemble the statement of the future patron. I'm still wondering what this study had to do with the rest (if you're already lying, try to get a little bit of a story). The pimp was also great...pseudonym "Jesus the gallerian" I knew that in the 90's prostitution flourished but that the gallery also ? This page is wonderful ! Sometimes you have to take care of something else's head and get a little bit down ;)


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