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the boy from the orchard.

On vacation, when I was doing casual work, I met a boy I fell in love with. He was beautiful, entertaining and sensitive. He was my ideal. Karol (because that was his name) once asked me to be his girlfriend, I was very happy to answer yes. We kept coming to the orchard and picking strawberries, pears, apples and talking a lot. Karol turned out to be very dear. One time he moved to the block because his parents couldn't stand it any longer in the house, he had only himself and his parents, so there were three of them and they had a very big house. Karol told me about their temporary situation. One time he didn't come to the orchard, the second time, the third time, until I finally decided to come to his block and ask what happened, Karol told me that he had new friends here and he was spending time with them and would no longer go to the orchard. I broke down because I had to drive 15 km to talk to Karol for a short time. One day he came and it was like it used to be, I love spending every moment with him, every day I could talk to him about different things. but one day something happened and it was not good. Karol often got into trouble and behaved strangely towards me. He used to want to introduce me to his colleagues but I refused. At the end it turned out that he bragged that I was his "ass" I broke up with him after the incident. That's it.


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