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Poles pretend to be Germans

Hi. I wanted to share with you today's situation that I met. More specifically, the pool in Germany. Yes, I'm currently in Germany. I came to earn some money. Yeah, I know. Nobody asked, I'm just informing. I mean, I was with my little sister at the pool today. All around, the Germans. There was only one slide, so we went. Suddenly a group of people stood behind us - two older guys about thirty and three young girls, somehow 11-12 years old. My sister and I talked in Polish, they too. But... Suddenly, when they heard that we were Polish, THEY started to speak German. I wasn't so shocked, because it wasn't the first time that when the people staying here are from Poland and they hear Poles, they immediately speak German. There was also a situation at another swimming pool, when my sister and I were standing in line on the hills. There were three guys in front of us, Poles. They just heard that we are also from Poland and what happened? REAL GERMANS. There were also such situations in the shops, but nothing would surprise me anymore. It's sad that you're meeting "your" people, and they're ashamed of it. They're making themselves into innate germans. I'm ashamed of such people and I'm ashamed to have to witness such situations. I never thought that I POLKA would have to look at such a thing. The truth is that here you live better with a German than with a Pole. The worst thing is that here, POLAK POLAK is a Pole who is a Pole.


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