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I'm tired of the whole situation and I've had enough, but I'll start over. It was pretty good at my house for some second grade primary school. Daddy went to work and came back for weekends, but it was possible to survive, there was money too. Only then did it start to fall apart. When my grandfather died, my dad felt a free hand. They parted with Mom, and this had a strong impact on her mental health. As a child, I didn't notice it that much, it seemed to me that everyone was getting a belt for this or that. However, when, after a bigger affair, not only did I have marks from my waist, but also various abrasions and scratches on my body, my dad came and took me for an abduction. After the incident, Mom changed the way she acted and focused on psychological abuse. I don't write "bullying", because I'm a grieving teenager, believe me. Until almost the end of high school I didn't even have the courage to admit to myself that this is not normal and this abuse. When I came back, the years were passing, it was getting worse and worse at home. Mom has a strange mania about money - no matter how much money is not there. She doesn't work, her life's achievement is raising children, so finally the money is gone. We moved from a nice house to a council flat, which did not affect my psyche well. There I was able to cut myself off in some way, isolated from the pain that my nearest person was inflicting on me. All these years she hurt me so that now I am a wreck. I have problems with trust, I'm afraid of touch, I can't eat with her at one table, I feel like screaming like a crazy animal in her company. After all these years she still hurts me, all the time. I know I should cut myself off, but I can't. I need closeness, but no one offers it to me. She's got serious mental problems, and the fact that she's a damn animal only makes it worse. She won't let me go out or go anywhere, I'm in a scouting party, and she thinks it's some kind of conspiracy and I don't know what's going to happen there. She's screaming at me about everything, and then she can...


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