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Sedication, breakdown and hopelessness

Yesterday, February 14th, my love was heard again, which blocked all possibilities of a cat cactus on the Internet with everyone. The girl I love is on the verge of a breakdown because some other boyfriend has laid her out, treated her like a toy. It hurts me because I know what happened and I saw her tears. I'm not the most handsome but I always try to do everything for her. I live 150 km away from her but I have plans to move as soon as possible and to be with her, never to let it happen again. I found a job for her, I drove a minumum once in a month for two days, which was connected with high costs anyway, always on the phone, I stopped the school just to be with her. I once felt something to me I just made a mistake and I regret it and I will try to fix it. In a few days' time I'm going to see her again... unannounced and nothing, I'll spend my last money on looking into her eyes and comforting her. You think that's how I want to get her back? You're wrong! I love that idiot, and I would do anything for her if she had someone to force myself to put up with it for her happiness. She hurt me more than once, humiliated me, but she lied, as I once said: "I would have shot myself in the head and put my heart out if I needed it despite the fact that she treated me like this." I already spent a lot of money on trips, risked my life after Christmas and went to her instead of the hospital, came back at 1 a.m. with a shoe through the whole town with a snout to the country house because I wanted to stay with her as long as possible. I don't want to take advantage of the situation she's in, I just want to sit by her and support her although I know I'm gonna end up bad, I'm gonna be more sick and I'm gonna have to spend the night on the platform waiting for the bus home. If she ever reads this message for her: I promised you that I'd always be there for you and that there'd never be another. I'll keep my word even if I'm going to end up kicking myself out of a fight because all my world is you!


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