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Sister history

I work in an important position in a popular and well-known company I am after graduation I have my own spacious apartment in which I live with my boyfriend's vet and together we are almost 4 years ago, a few days ago he proposed to me on my 26th birthday I am because of that, my family and friends are also very happy and everyone wishes and congratulates us and soon we start planning the wedding and it would seem that I have a life like from a fairy tale not to end... As it happens in the family, a black sheep happens and it is my older sister I have always had good relations with the family but with her she is never a typical pessimist who is always on, no, she thinks that everyone is bad and the good doesn't exist, she doesn't show any emotions, she is cold and covered and her advantages are limited to a beautiful and natural look, creativity, very fast learning of new things and therefore she is very smart, honest, knowledge of self-defense and martial arts, and contemporary dance, She hates drugs, she never judges others by their appearance or opinions is very tolerant but nevertheless she doesn't like anyone and her only friend is gay Kamil whose sense of black humor and sarcasm knows no boundaries on anyone she doesn't care about, although she never said it directly 15 years ago our neighbour died who was like a grandmother family for us and she only asked who will live in her apartment now because she wants to have holy peace is also calm, Patient and self-control, but when her parents were powerless and carried her around the psychologists one by one, she finally got pissed off and became nervous and explosive, but they still lived through the fact that it was a week after she finished school, they gave her an ultimatum, or she's going to get better, or she's going to move out, and she doesn't have a family (very desperate) the next day she moved out with Kamil God knows where, and shortly afterwards she officially gave up her whole family about so rare, bye, or at least... commentary on goodbye nothing I have not seen her for over 10 years I do not even know if she is alive and I honestly do not care I never had a sister did not pay attention to me despite 3 years of difference she had me somewhere I cried through her looking for her attention I wanted to spend some time with her but she was still almost gone her parents at home have had a hard time getting together and a year after she passed away it turned out that I'm going to have my brother Oscar's siblings now she's 9 years old and I'm the kind of sister I've always dreamed of NOT being sister to him if you read this know that I live great and I have a dear brother who is the most important thing to me


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