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Mona sister makes a huge mistake

I have a sister four years younger. We always got along well, there were no taboos between us. Until... She met a friend of mine at a holiday camp. Yeah, we hate each other. Of course, great love, he's wonderful and those dimples... After a few days, they started meeting. Since that day Agatha began to change. She stopped talking to me, she pissed me off. The most important thing was this drinking glamour. She didn't even come to the family dinner (that's the advice, the whole family comes down then) because Patrick invited her for fucking sushi. And now, attention. As I mentioned, Patryk hates me (with reciprocity anyway). We argued much earlier when I climbed him and handed him over to the police, but not even that. Since then he promised himself that he would destroy my life. It started with simple threats from random people he hired. Once I was beaten, nothing dangerous happened, thank God. But now that he's wrapped my sister around his finger, maybe a lot. She's changing. For worse. She's 16 years old, and she behaves much more. He got her into drugs, started drinking and smoking. She's always been a calm, well-arranged girl. She's unpleasant to everyone. The way she talks to our parents is terrible, even to me. I tried to do something about it. I went to this whole Patrick thing, I talked, I asked him to leave her alone. And nothing. I'm the one to blame, not her. This fucking idiot is ruining a young, beautiful girl's life. My dear little Agatha turns into a snouting whore. For those who think, 'cause we had such a good relationship, I need to talk to her. Of course, I tried. She won't listen to me, she doesn't give a shit about me. I can't watch this anymore. This powerlessness, there's nothing I can do. I'm doomed to watch my sister die.


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