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My darling in the kitchen

When I ask my loved one to do anything, he'll do it without much fuss. That's what happened this time, too. the duties I share are cleaned up and he goes to make breakfast. I know he's got two left hands to cook, he doesn't know anything about it. Anything he slices with me is supposed to be diced or striped. When frying, how much oil to add, and when to put it in the frying pan and so on. But this guy has a right :P The apartment is tidy, I go downstairs, it smells like scrambled eggs. Great, served to the table. First "fork" in the mouth and here's the ooops ! I take out what did not fit me to the rest ... and here are pieces of lard from the skin. Imagine my face and his face when I enlightened him and he eats tits. My beloved claimed that no one had informed him that the underside was separated from the bacon. And that I should be in the kitchen with him because I know he can't cook. But it was just scrambled eggs and bacon. I'll give it back and pay back if someone agrees to teach it to cook because I've lost faith in my desire to learn.


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