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So close and so far away :)

Good morning! Hi! A few years ago I met this guy. We were kids at "this adolescent age." You know, when the opposite sex is ble. But we got along well, though. I met him on a trip and strangely enough I spent a lot of time in the boys' room, where only he and our mutual friend liked me (or it was just my hunch!). GOOD SMALLER ! On the last day, the day we returned home, our mutual acquaintance said that we fit together. I laughed it out like a typical girl. Last time I met him. He grew up, got tired, went through a mutation and looks divine. We're not much apart, but very much. I mean, we go to other schools. Now I'm so sorry I didn't admit I liked him. The chances of our meeting at random are great, but I don't ask because of my great complexes. He doesn't seem to associate me so he won't say hello either. So great, no? I just have to laugh at it. I say hello to you guys because you are a very valuable and wonderful young man. Keep it up! See you on the street.) Okay, thank you for your attention! Greetings and wish you a nice vacation. Successful holidays or fast-paced work until the next holiday! Pa:D


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