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About how low you can fall

My current boyfriend (let's call him Daniel) betrayed me 4 months ago and somehow revived my feelings for my ex (let's call him Kacper). Kacper came back from abroad not long ago, mainly for me, having no idea that I gave Daniel a chance. After a few days I realized that I have something to do with Kacper and it's something serious, so I decided to give him a chance and I told my BFF about it. She went to bed with him and he decided to try it with her. Telling her not to tell her about it yet, because he agreed to give me time.2 Later I found out that they're together for 10,000%Now I'm in a situation with a guy I don't really love to the one I want to be with because he's with my BFF3. I have a glass asshole because I've forgiven everyone and I'm sitting in a frenished. That's how low you can fall down and I had to get off.


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