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Hey I've had a friend from 3 years old who is 20 years old and I'm 18. We meet at least once a week, we write with each other every day, I'm the only girl with whom I have such close contact. We behave like a couple of both my and his friends asking questions, we're together...nistety not.I'll say this boy I love his character, laughter, our teasing, very much affects on me his touch is immediately nice to me I know that this situation is dangerous for me because I can fall in love with him, everything would be okay if it was not for the fact that he has someone in sight...Of course he had been keeping an eye on other chicks before, but these were moments of topic for two or three days a week and he told me almost everything about them, also each of them had some kind of a holiday which did not suit him and I was calm. Now he does not tell me anything about this girl, he hides it in himself and tells me that when he meets her and a few things he will think about in 2-3 weeks he will tell me about her.You don't even know how scared I am, it's obvious that if I fall in love, I'll go away... A friend is escorting me home, 40 mon comes to me just to go out for a 30-60 minute walk with the dog (around 22) willing to meet me and the party invites me to go out, the lady invites me to sibie and I just don't understand why she spends 99% of her free time with me and looks for another one?


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