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I hate Polish fashion

Maybe it won't be a very instructive or damn deep confession. No. It's going to be about what annoys me incredibly much on the Polish streets, namely - polaczkw style.Where I will not go - Black, Grey, sporadically something brown. I understand winter - cold, you have to dress like ? Warm. Then all this "fashion" goes away. But for God's sake, summer. The heat, the sun is warming, and still 3/4 of the teenagers are dressed in black as if they were just going to the New Outfits collection for a black protest.If not black or grey, it's an embarrassing inscription: "It's a rumour that I'm divine" or "I don't bite, I eat it all". Really? Either clothes from H&M, or from the crap stores. And then a Polish Onion goes abroad and wonders "why are there so many colors here?" or "what is a different color from black?". People start to dress well, of course the character is of primary importance, but - as they see you, they write you like this.


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