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I lost touch with a great girl

I've been reading the confession for a long time. Some stories encouraged me to do my thing. I am looking for a girl. We met about 10 years ago. I was on holiday in Poddbie near Supsk. Anna was there at the camp. Very quickly we caught a nice contact, but the holidays were over and only a phone call was left. Later, unfortunately, the contact broke off, but after years I went to Ustka for a camp, as an educator with a group of children. I wrote to Ania that maybe we could meet and Ania surprised me a lot - she came. She looked as beautiful as ever and despite many years we still had a great conversation. I found out that she was free and since then I was going to keep in touch with her. However, angrily, after returning home, my phone broke down, I lost all my contacts, including Annie's, too. Since then, I have tried several times to find her through various social media, but I failed - I decided that Confession is the last chance. I don't think Anna knows it, but I've been thinking a lot about her all these years. She has fascinated me a lot since the first meeting in her youth, I felt this "something" with her. I always felt very comfortable with her, as if I'd been spending time with a person I've known for ages. I suspect that today such a wonderful girl as Anna is already in a happy relationship, but I would like to find her to renew contact and this time keep it - supposedly up to three times art. Maybe miracles do happen. Anne from Slupsk, when you read this, speak to me. Tom.


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