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Unsuccessful relationship

I recently met a girl I've fallen in love with. It started quite quickly because after just a few days we were together, it was great. I loved her and at least she told me so. On Saturday we were at my friends' birthday party, it was very fun, we had fun talking, hugging and kissing like every couple in love. When I drove her home, she wasn't present and she was indifferent to me. The next day I asked her what happened, she answered me, I'm not emotionally ready for another relationship, I thought I loved you but I was wrong,,,. I was very happy about this relationship because I finally found a girlfriend for 3 years and lost her after only a week. We seem to talk to each other but you know how it is not the same anymore... Now I'm walking around school pretending that nothing happened, I started to smoke even though I don't like it, I'm indifferent to everything, I'm so absent, I don't eat at all, I listen to depressing songs and I still feel sorry for myself. Maybe if I share my story with you it will make me feel better. And you will help me and somehow lift me up, or you will advise me what to do to make it better and not to make it so harder for me.


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