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I can't live without it

Hello, I'd like to share my story with you, so yesterday I was left by my girlfriend for whom I have sacrificed everything I had, she lives a little bit of the way from me but every weekend we spent together, friends that I don't have now and after the parting I'm quite alone as a finger, I would spend every free moment I couldn't get any sleep at all or after a couple of hours I would do anything for her even a moment of rest I didn't have, at work after 14 hours of nights and at home as little sleep as possible to spend as much time as possible with her and when she was at home I lived alone at home I didn't eat anything to have only money to go with her for a weekend on Kebab or something else, I'm not without guilt, either, because I left her six months ago, because something went wrong and it was hard for me to recover after the death of my authority, but we came back together because we really missed each other, lately we were even together at the prom where I thought it would be really good but apparently not, she wrote with a lot of guys and she feels like she left me for somebody and just left me a trace in my heart and her name on my hand, I would do anything for her to just grow old together because separately it's just suicide.


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