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I'm a carnivore and I can't change that.

I love eating meat. I don't eat fruit, and I eat vegetables once in a while. In high school, almost nobody in the class wanted to deal with me, because everyone is a vegetarian. As soon as they found out that I was eating meat, they started to pick on me. They called me "cannibal" "murderer" "how can you eat animals and you don't care about their suffering" "BIEDNE ZWITY". Jesus, people, get over it. Just because he's a carnivore doesn't mean he's a killer. It's just that meat is healthy, like beef, which costs money, but it gives our bodies more than just the necessary nutrients to live. Of course, there aren't that many important vitamins in your vegetables, fruit, so-called "Plants". That's why I'm pissed off by people who cry for those animals that a man killed and then threw in pans, or Mcdonald's or KFC. People are animals. They're gonna be killed one day to survive, or they're gonna die and be thrown on a plate. There are also videos on YouTube about what it looks like to die for these animals, which will later go to a craft shop or to those fast food restaurants. They probably record it to make carnivores feel sorry and turn into vegetarians.


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