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I don't know what title Dax

Through problems I'm 20 years old, not much for some, not much for others. But the last 8 years have taught me a lot about life and how many more before me (you never know when you kick in the calendar :) ) but about 8 years ago my dad got sick, there were 6 of us at home, my brother and 2 sisters, my mom and 2 sisters, and my dad worked only on 6 people, he was earning enough for food and generally for bills etc. all the nerves and nerves until he ended up in a mental hospital he cured himself but the illness was repeated every year last year (this is how the last 2 years writes) he went abroad to be better for all of us I still went to school then it was better at the beginning after what time it started It breaks down like the Poles abroad (I'm not talking about all of them) do it for a penny once paid out once did not withstand it and again got to the hospital sick almost 4 bellows the debt was growing from month to month until a large sum of 4-digit number for us is a lot. Since my father got sick my neighbor got me a job (I will be grateful to him for the rest of my life) I had about 450 PLN per week I worked for the whole family and gave all the money back to my mother only I was thinking about 40-50 PLN for fuel. For 8 months I was working without a break (Sunday free and public holidays, and I guess it was raining a lot, because there was work outside) I was already lacking strength, but I held on tight. Everything worked out thanks to my close family they helped me as they could even get me a job abroad I was really sure I was already twice and it was worth it so far everything is going in a better direction Maybe in a year we will get out of the way. And I'll pay all these debts and everything will be fine. I hope so. Some friends laughed that I worked for a poor 9 z per hour for 8 months and I did not even have a bottle and now they are laughing that I work for 6 euros for the clean because I have paid for the apartment breakfast. lunch. dinner. that is 6 euros for the clean for me it's a lot. They laughed and let them laugh all the time that I work for... They would work for the money themselves as if they had nothing to put in the pot. AND I'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND PEOPLE LIKE THAT.


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