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Is it still worth being scared?

Hey, this is my first confession! :) I'm a girl who's afraid of almost everything and I'm afraid of my first love, my first kiss, my first success in my whole life I wanted to fall in love to feel what it's like to be loved but also that's what I'm so afraid of but why?! I'm afraid to lose an important person for me? Or maybe I'm afraid that my relationship would look like my mom's? Her relationship isn't easy to keep stabbing, etc. but when I look at my mom I see her as a slippery and not dependent woman who is a role model for me she showed me never to give up because of her I'm slippery but are you sure? Life is something beautiful, but we don't always see it that way, there are moments that make us happy, there are moments that make us sad and there are moments that make us angry, but without it, life would be boring, this constant routine sometimes has to be bad so that later it would be even better I don't know what my life is like because I just sit at home I don't want to go out to people I feel bad in their company I prefer to sit at home and stay with my mom and music these two things are my whole life Mom-she gave birth to me and gave me life to look after me all my life Music - thanks to her I discovered my dreams and know who I am! I'm a person who loves to sing and swim to a distant world with headphones in my ears humming a song under my nose, that's all I am. And what are you afraid of? :)


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