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I've been reading your confessions for a long time. It won't be that typical confession... I'd like to write something here that I'd like to say to a person, and I just can't. I don't want to solve my cases over the Internet, this person doesn't read your confessions. It's just gonna be easier and maybe better. And even though you're gonna think I'm a lover's shit, no matter what... I'm not the only one now. You have friends and you want to spend time with them too. And of course I understand that and I'm happy because I have friends who are important to me too. But never more important than you, and when you need me, I can really be there for you. Is that the other way around? Lately, I feel like I don't... I don't know if it feels worse because I'm sick and everything seems overwhelming, but I miss you. Since we're together again, you can come and see me rarely... And with your friends every day. Maybe we should be friends again. So I can have more of you? Just a little bit... When we see each other it's wonderful that you're so loved, and then I know that you care about the next time you go out and I'm waiting for the next meeting and I don't care, but the interpreters are so happy that you love me as you are when I finally have you around.


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