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Please... Excuse me... Thank you.

You like to read Anonymous, so you'll probably get to that post. But to be sure I used 3 words that you know well. I've been with my woman for a little over 2 years. During this time in our relationship we managed to get through the quarrels, which always ended the same way. Again, we were able to look into each other's eyes, laugh for no reason, and all this in the background of the memories we spoke. We were able to swim through more than one sea of tears, but after the last act in our life I forgot how to swim...You betrayed me. From the perspective of people who are going to read it, it will seem simple - she met a guy who could meet her new expectations. It was the end of December. You went to Carolina's birthday party...I was supposed to come with you to them too, but I preferred to stay with my friends. I'm not hiding the fact that I didn't like this kind of parties, so I was inclined to my version of having a good time. I finally broke my arm, remember? Yeah, Johnny called you a rag then, and I broke my fingers on his head to defend your good name... You had fun until you got a call from me. Then I wanted to tell you everything. At first you didn't answer, and I stubbornly tried to call you, unfortunately, without success. You finally called me back. These missed calls only intensified your interpretation of the whole thing. You felt sad, and you even cried. It's weird, because no matter what, you can't do it in front of others. That's how you met him... a friend's trip to "Ada" - "I'm going to be a good Ashley" - "I finally want to spend some time with Ada, so I won't always be able to answer." I don't know how, but I felt it all... ever since you went there, I felt something was wrong. They knocked out our two years in January. I didn't have any money then, because they fired me from work, so I couldn't buy you any gift. I went to help my friends... They lent me that 100 PLN and I took you to dinner. You've wanted us to go for sushi for so long. "Forever together." "Please...I'm sorry...Thank you."


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