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Nothing like a mature boy

Hi I'm new here I'll tell you a story that happened to me in September with my boyfriend let's call him Peter but I'll start from the beginning. I was with my boyfriend from June and we were very much in love and happy with each other. A month after we were together, I met a friend and was raped. Of course I told my boyfriend about everything. He said it was good that I trust him. It was wonderful until September. But then he thought he couldn't be with me because I was leaving the other guy and that I wanted to be with him and he couldn't be with me. I found out from friends that he already has someone. I'm supposed to tell his sister that he has an immature brother that he can't tell rape from the sex you want. Nothing hurts more than telling him everything. What should I do? It's hard without him. Maybe you can help me think about him. I found out in October that I was pregnant, but because of the strong depressive drugs I miscarried it was Peter's baby, but I didn't even tell him about it. What should I do to tell him that he would be a father or not? He is 21 and I am 18. Forget it or the police will say that I am an adult I already know how the police work.


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