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Disease :(

Hello here Kamil I'm 23 years old a few months ago I found out that my friend has cancer you know how a guy is not crying but I've been crying a lot lately because I see my friend Nikolai leaving is only 21 years old. A couple of weeks I was with him at the doctor's all the time he's still wearing a mask he can't really leave the house but to the point I saw a lot of cancer people there when we went downstairs I saw children who had a scarf on their heads I sat down and started crying Santa looked at me and told me you know if I could leave I would but in exchange for the health of these children. Nicholas has a wonderful girlfriend Victoria, but I would so much like the doctors to tell my friend that he is going to be fine, that he is going to be able to run around and that instead of tears we will see a smile. When I found out about Santa Claus' disease every 3 months he gives blood to help others to live because everyone has someone to live for, especially Santa Claus has the Woman of his life. It is worth helping Remember...


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