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I'm lonely. But from the beginning. I'm married seven years, we have two children. We're doing well. We've been having a little bit of a fight between us lately. We've been arguing the nets for a while. I feel lonely and rejected. My husband started working more and more. He became vice president and that's his excuse for having a lot on his mind. He won't even text me that he'll be there later. And when I call if he's okay, it's bad I'm checking him out. We're arguing like any marriage is worse than any other marriage. A husband might not even talk for a few days, he's so stubborn. He once even said he doesn't love me anymore, but he's always hooking up. He hugs me unexpectedly and kisses! When I asked if I felt anything, he said that I think so. Do you think he might have someone on his side? Can he really have so much work!


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