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Mom vs. Kitchen rack

Today I realized that I can't be honest with my mother and I can't tell her what I think. But it only concerns certain things. Today my mother ordered a kitchen rack, so I didn't see it so my mother explained to me what it would look like. The upper cabinets in light beige and the lower cabinets in brown, except that there will be 3 drawers in the lower shelf and only one drawer will have a different colour... I told my mother that it doesn't make sense, because this bookcase will look as if it's from other sets joined together. Mom's saddened. My brother hasn't really rated this bookcase either. Now I know that I've made my mom sorry about what I said, because she won't talk to me. I'll certainly get used to the stupid bookcase, although I didn't like the description of my mom (maybe she'll look better in real life), but to the sight of a sad mom I'm not supposed to talk to - I'll never get used to it!


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