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Sister history

This confession is about the bad sister I am. I'm 14 years old, big siblings. I have a younger brother (4 years old) I treat him like a diamond. I have an older brother (13 years old), I treat him as a servant in the world of pass, bring, etc. I do not take him seriously. There is also a sister (15 years old) who is not very smart and I treat her like garbage. But you are ugly and you have a boyfriend(?) . She is still the worst (7 years old) I call her, I push her away, I run away from her. I'm trying to change. I know what I do is wrong. Behavior of a whore, rag. I know how they feel, but I can't stop. Hey, you're welcome, because I just deserved it. (I don't know the spelling I'm from England. I'm here for 7 years, but I still can't do it. I'm sorry.)


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