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I'm 13 years old and a troublesome big penis.

Hey, I'm 13 years old and at first impression it may seem like I'm just a normal teenager, but the truth is a bit different. I started to realize everything in kindergarten. When we were going to the swimming pool, in the cloakroom I saw my friends' peeing and I saw that they were really small, somewhere between 2-5 cm and seemed much smaller than mine, in some cases even 2 times smaller. I was maybe 7-8 cm. I felt strange, there was a situation when my friends laughed at my "too big a pee". The next stop was elementary school. In grades 1-3 we went swimming and there I often saw my friends' penises, which all the time were much smaller than mine. I wanted to avoid a situation from kindergarten where my friends made fun of me and I didn't boast about it too much. Once in grades 1-3 I measured my penis because I knew there was something wrong with everyone being smaller than me. As far as I can remember, it came out 11cm, which is strange to say the least. In the 5th grade of primary school he grew up to 15 centimeters, which was very troublesome when he stopped me, because it was getting more and more noticeable and I preferred nobody to know about it. Hiding it was an even more difficult task on the w-wah in loose shorts was quite visible so I always tried to get fired. I still have a problem with that when I'm in 1cl of high school and I'm 20 cm in my pants. To be honest, I would rather have a smaller one and be able to live without stress and without the fear that someone will see my monstrous penis. Is that even normal? I'll add that just like the rest of the guys in my class, I haven't changed my voice or started to mature, so there's no question of hormones. Should I go to the doctor with this?


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