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Without you, I'm going down

Some time ago, my relationship broke up, I'm 21l, I'm sitting abroad now, because I had nowhere to go, she threw me out of the apartment treated me like some dog, I bet everything on her, we're not together 4 maybe 5 months I don't know because I'm slowly rolling down, I don't remember exactly, almost every night I'm heavily drugged, flooded into a corpse, barely makes contact and cries for her ... Sad as fuck... I thought we were reading confessions, so it's Agnes to you, maybe you're just reading... You broke off contact with me but you must know... I love you still Gusia and no matter what, I will always love you, I miss you and I can't deal with it... I miss you very much, little you know... Your smile, your presence, your jokes... It's a pity that after almost two years of relationship, bowl together, joint plans, I can't get together and you already have another one.


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